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Apple suspends Vision Pro 2 development, may shift to cheaper headset

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Washington [US], June 19 (ANI): Tech giant Apple Inc. has reportedly decided to suspend the development of its high-end augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro 2, in favour of prioritizing a more affordable model slated for release in late 2025, GSM Arena reported.
This shift in strategy comes as Apple aims to capture a broader market with a lower-priced offering, the report said.
Initially rumoured to launch no earlier than August 2025, reports obtained by GSM Arena, now indicate that Apple has reduced the workforce dedicated to the Vision Pro 2 project and informed suppliers of the suspension of its development.
This decision underscores Apple's strategic pivot towards a more accessible AR headset option.

Details on the exact pricing of the upcoming cheaper Vision headset remain speculative, but reports by GSM Arena suggest Apple is targeting a price point of around USD 1,500.
The budget-friendly version is expected to compromise on certain features compared to the Pro model, potentially featuring a simplified headband, smaller speakers, and a reduced number of cameras.

However, reports also indicate that Apple is grappling with the challenge of maintaining a balance between affordability and retaining essential features.
While the cheaper Vision headset is anticipated to inherit the high-end display technology from its Pro counterpart, Apple is reportedly cautious about compromising too heavily on functionalities that could diminish its appeal in a competitive market.
The reports note that although Apple has paused the development of the Vision Pro 2 for now, there remains a possibility of resuming work on the project in the future.
However, the current focus is squarely on refining and preparing the more affordable Vision model for its anticipated launch. (ANI)

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