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NCP Pune unit demands Rajya Sabha membership for Sunetra Pawar

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Pune (Maharashtra) [India], June 11 (ANI): The Pune unit of the NCP, led by Ajit Pawar passed a resolution demanding that Sunetra Pawar wife of party president and Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar be sent to the Rajya Sabha and be made a minister in the central government.
Speaking to ANI on Tuesday, Pune President of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), Deepak Mankar said, "We all know that we could not succeed in Baramati our Vahini (sister-in-law) lost from Baramati but one needs to understand winning and losing in the election is part of politics."
"We know that former PM Indira Gandhi also lost after the emergency but she made a strong comeback. Sunetra Pawar is also very strong she has been with Ajit Pawar for the last 40 years and she has a lot of experience of working with different people from various sectors therefore it is the demand of the party workers that Sunetra Pawar must be sent to Rajyasabha and shall be given a ministerial post in the central government, said Mankar."
Deepak Mankar further said, "We the party workers of Pune have written an official letter also about it after taking the consensus from all we have sent it to our National Party President for further action."

Deepak Mankar also responded to the claim made by LoP Vijay Wedettiwar where he reportedly had claimed that 40 MLAs from Ajit Pawar and Eknath Shinde camp are in touch with Congress.
Mankar said, "These are all false claims by Congress, they think that everyone is in touch with them, our party is very intact and no one is going anywhere."

Baramati witnessed a star-studded fight in these elections. Ajit Pawar's wife Sunetra Pawar was the candidate of the BJP-led Maha Yuti alliance while his sister Supriya Sule was the Maha Vikas Aghadi candidate.
The constituency is considered the pocket borough of the Pawar family with Sharad Pawar having represented it multiple times after first being elected to the seat in 1984.
However, with a fight within the Pawar family, this seat has become a symbol of the larger fight in Maharashtra.
Sunetra Pawar lost from Baramati Lok Sabha seat to sitting MP Supriya Sule in the recent Lok Sabha
Earlier NCP has also refused to take MoS berth in the centre offered by BJP.
The NCP split in July last year after Ajit Pawar and eight MLAs joined the Eknath Shinde government. The party name and symbol were allotted to the faction led by him.
Sharad Pawar now heads the group which has been christened NCP(SP). (ANI)

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