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ILLIT's Label Accuses NewJeans Of Copying Blackpink, YG Ent Director Jumps In To Defend Min Hee-Jin's Group

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ILLIT's label BELIFT LAB recently accused NewJeans of copying iconic K-pop group Blackpink. However, YG Entertainment's former creative director, who found no similarities between the girl groups, has come to NewJeans and ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin's defense.

NewJeans plagiarized Blackpink?To catch you up, on June 11, ILLIT's label Belift Lab had published a YouTube video to debunk plagiarism claims made against the girl group. In the YouTube video, the HYBE sub-label went on to accuse NewJeans of copying many groups, including NMIXX, Mexican girl group Jeans and more. They also accused NewJeans of plagiarizing Blackpink's uniform concept, using pics of both the groups as a comparison.

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Following the allegations, a former creative director at YG Entertainment, who had worked with Blackpink during their debut years, jumped in to defend Min Hee-jin's group. Sharing a screenshot of the comparison pics, the former creative director wrote, "Totally different."

BELIFT LAB vs ADOR feudHYBE's sub-labels BELIFT LAB and ADOR have been in the midst of a massive feud after ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin accused ILLIT of copying NewJeans. In case you weren't aware, Min Hee-jin had cited that ILLIT's alleged similarity with NewJeans' concept as the main reason behind ADOR's fallout with HYBE.

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Following Min Hee-jin's accusations, BELIFT LAB announced that they had filed a criminal complaint against the ADOR CEO on the charges of interference with business and defamation. The label also refuted plagiarism allegations Min Hee-jin had levied against ILLIT. "We clearly state that the plagiarism allegations raised by Min Hee-jin against our artist ILLIT are not true. We have submitted evidence to the judicial authorities that can prove these allegations are false," the statement read.
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