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Develop The Ability To Make Enlightened Choices

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Yog consists of profound and subtle teachings; it is described as the supreme secret revealed by God. Yog is "evenness of mind" and "skill in action," chapter 2 of the Bhagwad Gita enunciates. "Established in yog, perform action," Krishn exhorts Arjun. Later, in chapter 8, Arjun is asked to always be steadfast in yog. These examples from the Gita make it clear that yog is more about our state of mind and way of life than mere physical postures.

Its goal is bigger than attaining perfect physical health and fitness. The practice of yog, in all its aspects, including action without attachment to the result, devotion to God, acquisition of knowledge, and control over the self, leads to freedom from the bondage of vices and liberation from sorrow.

Yog is an essential component of not just spiritual practices but also ethical conduct and a life of virtue. The purity of mind that comes from regular practice of meditation, a key element of yog, enables one to have accurate discernment and the right judgment, which leads to correct action, success, and happiness.

If the mind is tainted by vices, it distorts our perception of people and situations, negatively influencing our conduct and decision-making. Purity of mind is fundamental to fostering divine qualities , while an impure mind is the breeding ground of demoniacal tendencies, as the Gita envisages in chapter 16. Yog holds the key to transforming an evil mind into a pure one.

The protection of the good, destruction of evil, and establishment of righteousness that God manifests for - as He tells Arjun in chapter 4 of the Gita - is done by His teachings of yog. It enables humans to know their true spiritual identity and connect with Him to empower themselves and overcome their weaknesses.

The yog taught by God is Raj Yog , meant for the salvation of all. It is a spiritual process and practice capable of being universally adopted and undertaken even by the elderly. This king of yog enables the self to rule over the senses and sublimate worldly desires and attachments. It also leads to the purification of the soul and freedom from sorrow.

In Raj Yog, the Self is recognised as an immortal being, a sentient non-physical entity or as a divine point of light twinkling between and behind eyebrows. In the process of Raj Yog, our mind and intellect stay connected to the Supreme Soul through His loving remembrances, even while doing our daily duties.

Regular practice of Raj Yog draws into the soul the powers and virtues of the Divine and transforms it from weak to powerful, from disturbed to peaceful, from its subservience to passions, people and situations to being master of the self, unshaken by circumstances.

Raj Yog is an ancient art and skill that restores intellectual communion with the Supreme Being. It's not just about achieving physical well-being but also about learning a better way of life by developing the ability to make more enlightened choices .

Authored by: BK Brij Mohan
The writer is chief spokesperson for Brahma Kumaris Organisation

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