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Yog Increases Solidarity

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Yog , a priceless gift from the ancient sages of Bharat , holds the power to transform our lives. The word yog, meaning coming together or joining, perfectly encapsulates its essence. It's a practice that harmoniously unites our body, breath, mind , and awareness. By mastering our bodies, we gain control over our breaths. By mastering our breaths, we gain control over our minds.

This inner peace radiates into every aspect of our lives. The ultimate goal of yog is to guide us towards this holistic progress, a journey that can truly change our lives.

Scientists have proven that the average person uses only a fraction of his physical and mental capabilities during his lifetime. However, through yog one can further awaken and develop those abilities. For example, say we have a supercomputer. If we were to use it merely to store our grocery expenses and balance our household accounts, what a waste of its capacity it would be; a supercomputer can effortlessly store data for an entire city. Unfortunately, today, this is how we are using our body and mind.

Yog is the path to awakening our infinite potential and realising our inherent completeness, through the proper adjustment of the body, mind and intellect.

Any type of exercise is beneficial for the body and mind; however, yog offers several advantages that mere physical exercises may not.

Other exercise systems aim to reduce body fat and tone our muscles through fast movement. Yog has most of the physical benefits of regular exercise, but-as much of it is done slowly, focusing on our breath and bodily movements-it also calms the mind, creating an experience akin to meditation . It also channels our inner energies in the right direction. This promotes our overall health, even improving the function of our organs. It purifies our nervous system and helps our mind and body relax. It improves health and mitigates disease. Additionally, it increases our mental strength and focus. Moreover, yog helps reduce depression and promote inner cheerfulness.

Yog can be practised by children as well as the elderly. However, children under 14 should only practice a limited number of postures. In general, yog should always be learned directly from an experienced teacher.

One does not become a yogi simply by being able to bend down and touch one's toes. To become a yogi, we should be able to touch the hearts of people around us with love and compassion.

It is only when one gains the ability to appreciate the supreme divinity in one and all and to treat them with love and respect that one becomes a true yogi. We should be able to see others' suffering as our suffering and others' joy as our joy.

The Sun can be reflected in a hundred pots filled with water, but there remains only one Sun. Similarly, there is but one true Self, reflecting variously in various bodies. This is the vision that yog should ultimately uplift us to obtain.

May we be able to use this priceless wealth bestowed on humanity by the ancient sages of Bharat in the right way. May the practice of yog increase solidarity and cooperation in society. May the grace of the divine bless us all to achieve this.

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