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Google Gemini rolling out for Messages in India: What is it and other details

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Google recently launched Gemini on Google Messages app that will allow users in India to access the company’s AI model for assisted text writing . The AI capability in the app has started to roll out as some members of The Times of India Tech team have received a notification to “Chat with [it] to draft messages , brainstorm ideas, plan events or simply have a fun conversation.”

Google said that Gemini in Google Messages will be initially supporting English, enabling users to access AI assistance directly within the messaging app.

Start a chat with Gemini in Google Messages
When you receive the notification on your phone, you can tap “continue” and start using Google AI in Messages. Users can also download Gemini app and update Google Messages app to use AI.

  • On your Android phone, open Google Messages .
  • Tap the chat with Gemini, or tap Start chat and then Gemini.
  • First time users can follow on-screen instructions and they will be able to explore different tones in conversations.
  • Users can also tap a suggestion above the message field.

How Gemini in Messages app will help users
Gemini in Messages will help users brainstorm ideas, plan events and get help writing responses. Users can also get AI suggestions to improve grammar, adjust tone for professionalism, or add a touch of humour.

It is to be noted that chats with Gemini aren’t end-to-end encrypted. Additionally, Gemini uses users’ “general area based on your IP address or your estimated location based on your home or work address, and your past Gemini chats, to improve and respond.”

“Gemini may share info such as your location and chats with other services if you use extensions. These services may use the info to improve, even if you later delete your Gemini Apps Activity. You can turn off extensions anytime,” Messages app displays a message before allowing users to use the app.

The company also warns that users shouldn’t enter anything they don't want reviewed or used by Google to improve the AI.
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