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Virat Kohli opens new restaurant in Hyderabad, menu captures the city's essence

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Marking a new addition to the city’s thriving social and culinary scenes, one8 Commune is all set to arrive in HITEC City, Hyderabad. The restaurant captures the spirit of the city itself - dynamic, vivacious, and buzzing with possibilities. Nestled in the vibrant neighborhoods of Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills, one8 Commune offers a warm and inviting atmosphere, innovative and generous cuisine, and a cocktail lineup that is both approachable and exciting.

Sharing his excitement, Virat Kohli says, "We opened the place for a first look with my RCB teammates, and it was truly exciting to see it in action before our big reveal! I have been looking forward to debuting in Hyderabad since the city is very warm and welcoming. I think one8 Commune is going to be the next best dining experience in the city."

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Conceptualized by Sanchit Arora of Renesa Architects, the space combines luxury and comfort through a delicate interplay of materials and textures, marrying the high-spirited character of one8 Commune with Studio Renesa's minimalist approach.

The most striking feature upon entry is a multi-tiered cluster of cane lights, a design marvel that complements the monochromatic interior. The space exudes opulence without overwhelming the senses, balancing high-energy areas like the bar with intimate dining spaces, catering to diverse moods and preferences.

The interiors and design are a labor of love by the in-house team, with each piece thoughtfully selected to enhance the overall ambiance. Vartik Tihara, Co-owner of one8 Commune and Sushree Vaish, Head of Marketing at one8 Commune say, "Our aim was to create a whimsical feeling of softness that invites you to sink into a warm and inviting space. We've emphasized lighting, a gentle color scheme, and the use of curves to foster an informal, relaxed atmosphere." The bar, inspired by top international venues, features wooden accents that exude both sophistication and warmth. It's a space designed for unwinding after a long day, enjoying well-crafted cocktails, and engaging in delightful conversations.

The space offers a culinary delight for food enthusiasts with an eclectic menu featuring Virat’s all-time favourites like Mushroom Googly Dimsums, Avocado Tartare among others. With his love for regional Indian cuisine, Chef Agnibh Mudi pays an artful homage to the city of Hyderabad with innovative dishes like the much anticipated Soya Haleem - vegetarian version of the classic Haleem. The offerings progress through other local favourites like Lime Chili Pickle Prawns, a South Indian spin on contemporary butter garlic prawns; Bamboo Biryani, Hyderabadi Khatti Dal, Byadgi Chilli Paneer, blending the city’s delectable flavours with one8 Commune’s unique touch.

Assimilating the local regional ingredients, the beverage menu presents a unique take on cocktail culture, blending refined flavours with surprising twists that intrigue the palate. Our signature drinks include Collective Quaff, one8’s take on a community cocktail; Caramel Pop, a smoked cocktail with complex layers; Take Notes, an aromatic mix of white rum, cardamom, and ghee; and Packs a Punch, an earthy cocktail with a herbal garnish perfect for sustainable sippers. This cocktail program reflects our dedication, vision, and approachability in the art of mixology.

While we all know about the favourites of Virat, there is one dish he can't stand. In an Instagram video shared on his official handle, the Indian cricketer mentioned that, now being a vegetarian, he hates karela (bitter gourd).

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