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Malaysian beautician loses all limbs after this bacterial infection

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A Malaysian beautician living in Singapore had all four her limbs amputated after she contracted a serious infection. She used to document her life on social media as she was enjoying her beautician job in Singapore. Last October, 37-year-old Lin Ailing developed fever and abdominal pain which she thought a result of food poisoning. As her situation did not better after several consultations, she was sent to the emergency where she lost consciousness, South China Morning Post reported.

When she woke up, doctors told her that she had a bacterial infection and her condition was critical, with her heart functions being hindered. The injections that she was administered had severe side effects. "Gradually, I watched my hands and legs turn black, become heavy and uncontrollable," she said.

“The doctors said the cells in my limbs were necrotic due to sepsis caused by the bacterial infection. To save my life, they had to amputate my limbs," she said.

According to the doctors, it was a rare bacterial infection and had her limbs not been amputated, she would have faced certain death. She spent all her savings of $222,000 on treatment and also gave up on her occupation.

“It was hard to accept losing my limbs at first, and I did not want to see friends. But their support helped me get through it. For their sake, I have to be strong,” she said.
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